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Every day, hundreds of people around the country wake to find their lives less secure than it was the day before. Part of our job is to turn the anxiety and stress arising from the threat of losing a job into an opportunity for change.

Employment Law

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Ensuring clients have the benefit of the mastery in our chosen legal fields is essential to our success, enabling us to put your case for a grievance, answer to disciplinary action, appeal against redundancy or dismissal, or grounds for improving a severance payment on solid foundations. 


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Our employment law service



We provide a highly personalised, responsive and client-friendly service.


We explore flexible fee arrangements including fixed fee and contingency fee options.


We offer an in-house advocacy and representation service at employment tribunals.


We provide advanced costs estimates and detailed time ledgers for all our work.


We offer advice in all areas of employment and industrial relations law. 


We handle group actions and team redundancies with multiple settlement agreements.

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“Thorough, professional and accommodating, Andrew was pivotal in concluding my case. I would recommend his services to anyone.” 


—  Chris, Sales and Marketing Director