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Finding new ways of funding legal services with fixed fees

We work closely with our clients, which sometimes means making ourselves available out of hours. And while we expect you will not need us again, we believe in relationships and hope that you will refer others facing similar difficulties. 

At Corday & Co we recognise that clients will be concerned about legal costs, especially at times when they are facing an uncertain future at home at home or at work. That is why we look at offering to work on the basis of a fixed fee, with a pricing structure tailored to individual client need and the particular circumstances of the matter so clients know where they stand. 

About {Corday & Co}

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Aimed at clients who want the highest quality legal advice and service, Corday & Co provides a highly responsive, personalised and competitive service in employment and family law.

Not everyone comes to us knowing what they want. Many clients come to us thinking they want a change of behaviour, when what they actually want is a change of scene. It is our job to identify what our clients really want and how we can best achieve it.

Legal representation is about creating a meaningful relationship in a very short space of time which is always aimed at a single point: the best financial outcome. It is about developing a reputation and quickly establishing a position of strength in legal knowledge, experience and a facility for communicating a strong but fair position.

With a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your matter, we typically look at preferred outcomes in terms of a sum of money or about who keeps what. We examine your legal position, set your expectations, then we act decisively to bring the matter to a resolution, with dignity built in.

We typically work on the basis of an hourly rate, with an advanced costs estimate so you know where you stand. In many cases we are able to offer to work for you for an agreed fixed fee. Either way, we always aim to act efficiently and responsively to deliver the outcome you want.

Corday & Co has remained a small, agile law firm, without some of the overheads, billing targets and other commercial pressures more commonly associated with fuller service firms.

We look forward to discussing how we can help.

Andrew Workman

Principal Solicitor

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